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Seller Flex listings

How do I create a Seller Flex listing?

Follow the standard Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) listing process. For additional information, see List products for Fulfillment by Amazon.

Can I continue selling in traditional FBA after I enroll in Seller Flex?


Note: You should only make one FBA listing per ASIN.

Can I continue with my Merchant fulfilled offers if I sign up for Seller Flex?

Yes. You can have one Merchant fulfilled listing and one Amazon fulfilled listing for the same ASIN.

How can I track my Seller Flex inventory in Seller Central? Is it listed differently than FBA?

You can use the WMS to track your Seller Flex inventory. You can also use the Daily and Monthly Inventory History reports in Seller Central to track your inventory based on warehouse ID.

Can I sell inventory owned by other sellers through my Seller Flex facility?

No. You can only use Seller Flex for inventory you own.

My Seller Flex inventory is not showing up on Amazon, and it appears as “Stranded” in Seller Central. How do I fix this?

Go to the Fix stranded inventory page for information on resolving this issue.

Your Seller Flex inventory may be stranded for one of the following reasons.

  • You recently converted a listing from Merchant fulfilled to Amazon fulfilled. Seller Central may take up to an hour to update.
  • Your ASIN is outdated. This happens when you list an item that is already in the Amazon catalog with a new ASIN. The system checks for duplicate listings, and the second listing created is deactivated.

Note: When listing your product, if it already exists on Amazon, make sure you select the ASIN that is already present in the catalog.

  • The ASIN is in Reserved status for longer than usual. This can happen when customers check out with your item, but their payment is still pending.

For additional information, see Stranded inventory.

Note: This is not an Seller Flex-specific issue. Please contact Seller Support for standard FBA inventory if it continues.

I see my Seller Flex listing on Amazon, but there is no Prime badge. How do I get it?

You must log in to your Prime customer account to verify the Prime badge for your Seller Flex listings.

Can I fulfill lithium batteries through Seller Flex?

Seller Flex cannot accept lithium batteries classified as dangerous goods regardless of the classification level.

However, many products with lithium batteries that do not qualify for Seller Flex may be sellable through traditional FBA. If you enter the required battery details (dangerous goods information) when creating the listing, and you are able to create an FBA shipment plan, you can ship with traditional FBA.

For additional information related to battery classifications, see Requirements for lithium batteries and products that ship with lithium batteries.

Important: Do not receive lithium batteries into your Seller Flex facility. Your listings for those batteries will not show up for sale on Amazon.

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