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Seller Flex dangerous goods (hazmat)

What are dangerous goods? Are they the same as hazmat?

Dangerous goods is another name for hazardous materials or hazmat. For more information, see Examples of Amazon products that may be regulated as dangerous goods.

Can I fulfill dangerous goods through Seller Flex?

You can see the current Hazmat Exception for a given item within the WMS under Inventory > Product Information or searching by ASIN in the search bar at the top of the WMS.

What if my products are incorrectly classified as dangerous goods?

Please view the Dangerous goods identification guide. If you still have questions about incorrect product classifications, see the FBA dangerous goods review process to learn when and how to contact Seller Support.

Note: To ensure accurate classification, enter the required dangerous goods information when you create product listings.

Can I fulfill lithium batteries through Seller Flex?

No. Lithium batteries are considered hazmat items. If you do receive lithium batteries into your Seller Flex location, the product listings will not publish to Amazon and you will not receive orders.

Most lithium batteries can be received into Amazon fulfillment centers, but they cannot be processed in your Seller Flex facility at this time.

When you create your product listing, enter the required battery details (dangerous goods information). If the system allows you to create an FBA listing and shipment plan, you can send your inventory to an Amazon fulfillment center using traditional FBA. This does not mean that you will be able to receive customer orders from your Seller Flex location.

For additional information, see Requirements for lithium batteries and products that ship with lithium batteries.

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