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Dubai sterilization program - Frequently asked questions

Current as of April 9, 2020.

For the latest information, see the Dubai Economy or the National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority.

Important: Selling Partner Support does not have further guidance.

Is Amazon still operating during the Dubai sterilization program?

Yes. We continue to receive inbound shipments and deliver to our customers. In addition, Amazon Easy Ship is still operating. Our Fulfillment Centers and Sort Centers have implemented new guidelines in light of the recent COVID-19 requirements to ensure sanitization and social distancing. For more information, see the Amazon cares about your safety announcement.

Am I allowed to continue to operate during the Dubai sterilization program?

The Dubai Economy has clarified that Amazon distributors and sellers can continue operating during the sterilization period. Based on the Dubai Economy guidance, sellers can operate their warehouses, and fulfill Amazon orders by both delivery and collection. Please ensure that you follow the Dubai Economy's guidance and take all necessary preventative health and safety measures (for example, social distancing and sanitization) in accordance with government guidelines when fulfilling POs and customer orders in this period.

Important: The exemption only allows you to fulfill e-commerce related shipments, and does not permit opening your business to the general public.

You should comply with all social distancing, sterilization, and other preventative measures advised by the UAE government.

As a precautionary measure to ensure social distancing for the health and safety of our employees, sellers, and customers, we have temporarily suspended inbounding and fulfillment of any product weighing more than 20 kgs or 70 inches in length, as they require more than one person to carry and deliver.

What are the required documents while delivering the PO to Fulfillment Centers or dropping off Easy Ship products to Sort Centers during the Dubai sterilization program?

Amazon does not require any additional documents. Any changes to the current Amazon process will be communicated separately.

The Dubai Economy announced that employees of sellers should not require permits to deliver to our Fulfillment Centers or Sort Centers. We suggest your Human Resource team issues a letter to each employee operating in your warehouse or carrying out deliveries to our Fulfillment Centers or Sort Centers stating the purpose of their commute, attendance at work, their employer name, commercial license number, and the fact that they are working in e-commerce activities. You can include the following documentation for additional support. In addition, you should advise your personnel to present these documents to the authorities upon request. For any questions, contact the Dubai Economy.

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