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Document requirements to sell Safety Risk Products

Amazon helps you to ensure that you are providing the best and highest quality products to customers. Requesting proof of compliance with regulations and governmental certifications are one of several ways Amazon works toward helping you to provide safe products. Please review the documents you may need to provide when applying to list your products on Amazon.

The documents required to list your products may differ based on the product you are listing and the requirements to sell a specific product in a particular country.

Documents that may be accepted include (but are not limited to):

  • Certificates
  • Declarations
  • Invoices
  • Pictures of product packaging

Documents that may be requested in this country, depending on the products you plan to list:

Declaration of Conformity:

The Declaration of Conformity is a document issued by the manufacturer of a product or the first party to place the product on the market. This document declares that the product meets all applicable directives.

For help with drafting a declaration of conformity, or to ensure that the declaration of conformity provided to you by a supplier meets appropriate standards, visit the

Homologation Approval:

A government-issued approval document that allows a product to enter a market.


The invoice is a document that shows the purchase and transfer of units of products from a manufacturer or distributor to a reseller. Amazon may contact suppliers to confirm the validity of the invoice.

Product Packaging Picture:

Amazon requires a picture or set of pictures of the product or its packaging to ensure the product meets labelling requirements for the UAE. Amazon does not accept mock-up label designs or computer-generated images.

Department of Health product registration:

A certificate showing that the product is registered with the UAE Department of Health.

Emirates Quality Mark certification:

This is a certificate issued upon the granting of conformity to products that can demonstrate compliance with the relevant United Arab Emirates (UAE) product safety and quality requirements.

Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practices:

A GMP document ensures compliance and traceability of all development, manufacturing, and testing activities.

Certificate of Analysis:

A document issued by quality assurance entities verifying the adherence to product specifications and standards of production of certain products such as food products and drugs. We require the certificate to obtain the actual test results performed on the product batch.

Test Report:

A document that records data obtained from the tests performed in order to ensure that products are complainant with the appropriate thresholds and needs of the tested products.

ECAS certification:

The ECAS certificate is proof that the product has been approved by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Federal Government through Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA).

G-Mark Type Approval Certificate:

Certificate granted for toys, after successful testing, that are being imported to countries in the Gulf region.

Quality Management Systems certification:

This certificate issued by a third-party certification agency confirms a company produces products in accordance with international standards for quality. For example:

  • ISO 9001 – Covers most products not addressed by specific standards
  • ISO 13485 – Based on ISO 9001, but specialized for manufacturers of medical devices
  • ISO 22716 – Specialized requirements for manufacturers of cosmetic products

Business / company registration document:

Business licenses are permits issued by government agencies that allow individuals or companies to conduct business within the government's geographical jurisdiction (e.g., you are a registered company in the UAE with a trade license)

Documents that will not be accepted as invoices:

  • Pro-Forma Invoices – a quote or estimated invoice sent in advance of a shipment, it is not a demand for payment showing items shipped.
  • Commercial Invoices – an invoice used for customs purposes to assess the amount of duties or taxes owed for import or export.
  • Sales or Purchase Orders – an order for units of product sent by the purchasing company.
  • Receipts or Order Confirmations – confirmation that an order was made, whether in a physical store or through an online retailer.

For more information about selling products with safety selling restrictions, see Selling Restrictions on Safety Risk Products.

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