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Seller Flex customer returns and inventory removal

How are Seller Flex customer returns processed?

Seller Flex customer returns are the same as FBA customer returns.

Customer returns can be broadly classified into the following two types:

  • Delivered packages that are returned by the customers
  • Undelivered packages that have not reached the customer due to multiple reasons and have been returned to the Seller Flex warehouse

You can also set up automated removal orders for your unsellable inventory. For more information, see Required Removals

If the item is in sellable condition, we receive it into the FBA network. For sellable items, you may wait for them to sell through, or you may choose to place a removal order.

Note: Inventory located in Amazon fulfillment centers (FCs) is often picked before inventory in Seller Flex locations, due to the proximity of the customers placing the orders.

How can I view return details related to Seller Flex?

To see both Seller Flex returns and traditional FBA returns in Seller Central, go to Reports > Fulfillment > and scroll to FBA customer returns.

When you submit a removal order for an unsellable product, the system will show you a preview of what inventory has been excluded because it’s not available. This excluded inventory represents inventory not located in fulfillment centers (In-transit inventory or Seller Flex inventory).

Note: If you include a special identifier in your merchant SKU for Seller Flex, it is easier for you to distinguish Seller Flex from traditional FBA in the FBA customer returns report.

How do I remove inventory from my Seller Flex location?

To move inventory out of Seller Flex in the warehouse management system (WMS), go to Inventory > Adjustments and select Lost or Removed. This removes the product from availability for sale. You should then physically remove the items from your designated Seller Flex area.

How do reimbursements for customer refunds work?

Contact Seller Support to claim for carrier damage

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