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How to file a SAFE-T Claim

This help page covers the step-by-step process on how to file a SAFE-T Claim.

To file a SAFE-T Claim:

  1. From the Orders tab, click Manage SAFE-T Claims.
  2. On the Manage SAFE-T Claims page, click File a new SAFE-T Claim.
  3. Enter the Order ID for which you want to file a SAFE-T Claim, and then click Check Eligibility.
  4. If your Order ID is eligible for a SAFE-T Claim, a form will be shown. Enter the claim details in the form.
  5. Provide the reason for filing SAFE-T Claim and upload the following supporting documents:
    • A photograph capturing all the four sides of the product out of the box
    • A photograph of the packaging of the product
    • A photograph of the tax invoice on the invoice to the buyer
    • A photograph of the tax invoice on the invoice from your vendor or distributor
  6. Describe your issue in detail in the description box.
  7. Read and acknowledge the SAFE-T policy by clicking the check box, and then click Submit SAFE-T Claim in order to file the claim.
    Important: Once the claim has been submitted, you will receive an email notification from future correspondence on this claim should be done on the Manage SAFE-T Claims page.

  • Any communication related to SAFE-T Claims can be viewed in the Communication Center on the Manage SAFE-T Claims page. Each claim on this page will have an option to view the message (in order to check any correspondence on that claim). Attachments can also be uploaded from the same tab.
  • All SAFE-T Claims should be filed within seven calendar days from the date the shipment was marked as ‘returned/delivered to seller’ in Seller Central.
  • All appeals on resolved SAFE-T Claims should be made within five business days from the last resolution date. Any appeal filed after five business days will not be actioned upon.
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