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Amazon managed Customer Service for Easy Ship (CSBA)

Customer Service by Amazon (CSBA) allows you to focus on your core business while Amazon assists in relation to your buyer messages, returns and claims for Easy Ship orders. We will direct customer inquiries for these orders to Amazon Customer Service so that you do not need to handle them yourself. At this time, CSBA is mandatory for all Easy Ship sellers and you are automatically enrolled when registering for Easy Ship.

What will you get?

  • Your buyers will get Amazon customer support assistance through phone (in English & Arabic) and email for Easy Ship orders at no additional cost.
  • You will not receive buyer messages for Easy Ship orders. Buyers will be contacting Amazon Customer Support for all post-order issues.
  • CSBA’s high-quality customer service can help you reduce A-to-Z claims, Order Defect Rate (ODR), and negative reviews.
  • Amazon will handle all buyer cancellation requests for Easy Ship orders as per the agreed instructions under Easy Ship terms.
  • Amazon will systematically evaluate returns for and on your behalf and authorize them as per agreed Amazon Returns Policy.

Frequently asked questions

1. What kind of customer inquiries are not included in CSBA?

CSBA provides customer service for all post-order queries for your Easy Ship orders except queries related to Invoice and Product Customization. CSBA does not provide customer service for pre-order customer inquiries. You need to handle them yourself through “Buyer Seller Messaging”.

2. Do I need to handle Buyer Seller Messages after using CSBA?

Yes, you still need to answer pre-order inquiries, MFN Self-Ship and FBA order related inquiries through “Buyer Seller Messaging”. CSBA only supports post-order queries for your Easy Ship orders.

3. How will CSBA handle customer inquiries?

CSBA will provide high quality, real-time customer service by Amazon through phone, and email channels. In some cases, CSBA team will need to work with you to find a resolution and reply to customer; our commitment to customer usually will be within 2 days.

4. What is the return and refund policy?

Amazon Customer Service will screen your returns for eligibility based on the Amazon return policy and only those returns which are within policy are authorized. While you are responsible for authorizing refunds for returns, there may be cases where Amazon Customer Services offers refunds to customers.

5. How do I opt-in to CSBA?

At this time, CSBA is mandatory for all Easy Ship sellers and you are automatically enrolled when registering for Easy Ship.

6. How can I get reimbursement for losses incurred due to buyer or Easy Ship related issues?

You can file and manage SAFE-T claims directly from your account. You can go here to check status of a claim or file a new claim. Use the following pointers for faster and convenient resolution:

  • Claims for returns not received in original condition must be submitted within seven days of the returned product being received by you.
  • If you have been asked to provide any additional supporting documents for your SAFE-T claim, you need to reply within three business days.
  • Provide high quality images and videos where required.
  • SAFE-T does not cover damage due to improper packaging.

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