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Buyer contact guidelines

When calling, texting, or emailing a buyer, we encourage you to be very specific about what you need for successful customer service. This information will help reduce misunderstandings and unexpected problems. Here are some questions we suggest you to cover, to the appropriate level of detail, in such communication:


  • When is the date and time of the appointment?
  • What are the tools and materials needed?
  • What are the current conditions of the work / service site? Is it ready for work (optimal conditions) or is any pre-work necessary?
  • Will you need access to power (electricity)? Does the work / service site have power?

Assembly / Installations / Yard & Outdoors:

  • Have all sourced items/parts reached the destination?
  • For items installed at certain heights, are any ladders or lifts needed?
  • Are the item specifications (size and weight) standard?
  • Based on your experience, could assembly / installation encounter any issues or blockers?
  • Are any potential weather issues expected to prevent/affect service completion?

Home cleaning:

  • Should any furniture, flooring, or countertop be secured during service?
  • How many rooms are there?
  • What cleaning products could be needed? Are there any hard stains to remove? (Buyers may be responsible for providing cleaning products, make sure to review scope of work before addressing this topic with the buyer)
  • Are there any pets in the house?
  • For moves (in / out): Will the entire space be empty by the appointment date?
  • Based on the buyer’s answers, could this cleaning service take longer than expected?
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