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Lighting products regulation

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The Emirates Standardization and Metrology Authority (ESMA) Technical Lighting regulation No.34 sets out requirements related to lighting products to provide for high level of safety of persons, implement energy efficiency measures, and protect the environment. The regulation ensures that lighting products are registered and monitored for their continuous compliance with specifications covering electrical safety, energy efficiency, functionality, hazardous chemicals, and safe disposal of lighting products.

The Lighting Regulation also directs regulations to suppliers (the manufacturer, importer, storage operator -wholesale and retail, other processes or professionals in the supply chain that may impact the product, or any other representative). If you supply lighting products, you must comply with the requirements of the Lighting Regulation.

What products does the Lighting Regulation apply to?

The Lighting Regulation covers all non-directional lamps, luminaires, and control gear traded and used in UAE that include the following:

  • Incandescent lamps ≥ 16W (watts)
  • Linear fluorescent lamps (excluding energy efficiency and functionality requirements); i.e. just safety is covered
  • Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs)
  • Halogen lamps
  • Light emitting diode (LED) lamps
  • Control gears for general lighting purposes
  • Luminaires for general lighting purposes (only electrical safety requirements apply)

General exemptions for lamps, luminaires, and control gear are detailed in Annex I of the ESMA Technical Lighting Regulation No.34. Examples of exempted products are traffic signal lamps, oven lamps, infrared heat lamps – comfort heating (outdoor and indoor), and luminaires used as part of a toy.

Who has obligations under the Lighting Regulation?

The Lighting Regulation sets out obligations for suppliers (the manufacturer, importer, including storage operator -wholesale and retail, and other processes or professionals in the supply chain that may impact the product, or any other representative) of lighting products.

How are suppliers affected by the Lighting Regulation?

The manufacturer must ensure that the product type manufactured and placed on the market meets Low Voltage Regulation requirements.

The Manufacturer/Importer shall:

  • Establish a technical documentation file for each model or range of product
  • Prepare a risk analysis/assessment report relating to the products within the series range
  • Ensure that the technical file contains third-party test report(s) from a GAC or ILAC-accredited laboratory or a CB Test Report (CBTR) and CB Test Certificate (CBTC) through the IECEE system
  • Provide additional documentation, such as a detailed description of the product with conceptual design and manufacturing drawings
  • Specify addresses of the places of manufacture and storage of the product
  • Provide a list of the ECAS/Emirates or IEC standards applied in full or in part to the product

Once all these requirements have been satisfied and the product is registered in the electronic registration system, the manufacturer can affix the right ECAS/Emirates marking and registration number to the product, and draw up a written Declaration of Conformity.

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