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Set user permissions

Individual sellers: This feature is available to sellers with Professional selling plans.

When you first set up your Seller Central account on Amazon, only you can access the account tools and features. However, you might want to provide access to others who are involved in the management of your business. For example, you might want a co-owner or employee to manage inventory or handle shipping confirmations. However, account credentials are unique and confidential information and cannot be shared with anyone. So you can add users or to adjust user permissions with the User Permissions feature.

Note: Although you can add users to your seller account, you cannot transfer your seller account even when the business ownership changes. During such instance, the new owner should establish a new seller account in their name.

Invitation process

Seller Central uses an invitation model to manage user accounts. As the first step, you, as the account manager or administrator, need to send an email or SMS to other users, inviting them to create an account on Seller Central. Next, you need to configure the permissions for each secondary user.

By inviting secondary users into the system and then configuring their permissions, you are assured that the appropriate user accounts are linked to the right owners and that the correct permissions apply to the intended users. The invitation model also helps you to fully manage user accounts without assistance from Amazon Seller Support.

Step 1: The account manager (you) invites new users

Follow these steps to establish accounts for additional users:

  1. On the Settings menu, click User Permissions.
  2. Enter the contact information of someone you would like to send an invitation to, and click Send invitation. Follow this step for all other individuals you want to invite.

Step 2: The new user accepts the invitation

  1. The person follows the link in the invitation and will be asked to sign in or create an Amazon account.
    Note: As a security measure, if the email or phone number associated with the user account is different than the one the invitation was sent to, there will be an additional approval step before the new user can start using Amazon Seller Central.
  2. A webpage opens that will display a message confirming that the user has been invited and must accept the invitation.

After the secondary user has accepted the invitation, the account manager can assign additional permissions to that user. Additional documents or information may be required during this process.

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