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Image variants

Images displayed on the product detail page feature a MAIN image that is shown in search results and is the first image displayed on the page. Additional images are called Image variants. Image variants show the product in use or in an environment, show different angles, or product features.

We recommend you provide at least six clear, informative, and attractive images. Good images make it easy for customers to evaluate the product.

When using the Image manager to upload images to your product detail page, additional pre-selected image variant types are recommended for your product based on the product category style guide. If you would like to include a variant that is not pre-selected, select the drop-down arrow icon next to the variant name to replace with another variant identifier code.

Descriptions of the different variants and their 4-character code are shown in the following table.

Image Type Description Variant codes
Main image Used for Main images. The Main image shows in search and browse and is the primary image on your products detail page. MAIN
Swatch shots The SWCH shows up in the thumbnail underneath or to the right of the larger image on a detail page. Usually, a color sample image for use on detail pages that offer multiple versions of the product. If a SWCH does not exist, the MAIN image will be used as the thumbnail image instead. SWCH
Part shots Used for additional angles, product in use, screen shots, accessories, or product details PT01, PT02, PT03 and so on until PT99
Interior shots Used usually for sample pages of books IN01, IN02, IN03 and so on until IN99
Angle shots Used to show additional angles or sides of a product TOPP, BOTT, LEFT, RGHT, FRNT, BACK, SIDE
Pair shots Used to show a pair of shoes or similar product with a pair PAIR
Fact shots Used to show nutritional facts and ingredients label FACT
Energy guide Used to show energy guide images EEGL
Awards Test results, awards and certificates associated with the product must be uploaded as AW01, AW02, and so on. This ensures the award is displayed in the special designated Awards section on the page. Note that the compliance with any legal or copyright requirements for these awards is your responsibility. AW01, AW02, up to AW99
Laydown or Flat apparel image Used to show the full view of an apparel item off-figure in a flat or laydown shot FL01

Image variant codes are additionally used when naming files for use with the Bulk image upload tool. For more information on Bulk image upload process, go to, Name your image files.

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