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Error 18008

Invalid MerchantOrderID.

This error occurs when we are unable to recognize the MerchantOrderID you provided. The MerchantOrderID must exactly match a value you previously provided in an order acknowledgment feed. Common reasons why this error may occur include:

  • You accidentally provided the AmazonOrderID instead of your own MerchantOrderID.
  • You transposed or omitted characters in your MerchantOrderID.
  • Your MerchantOrderID was never created in the Amazon system because of an error in a previous order acknowledgement feed.

To resolve this error:

  1. Review the MerchantOrderID field. If the AmazonOrderID is in that field, provide a valid MerchantOrderID. If the field has a typo, correct this.
  2. Update your acknowledgment feed with the corrected MerchantOrderID and resubmit your data.
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