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Error 13010

EndDate is invalid or in the wrong format.

This error occurs when the end date for your sale is improperly formatted or invalid. For the end date to be valid, it must be:

  • Formatted as DD-MM-YYYY. For example, February 29, 2008, must be formatted as 29-02-2008.
  • Later than the end date for your sale.

To resolve this error, please resubmit your data using a sale end date that is properly formatted and in the valid date range.

If you are using inventory files to manage your products and sales, Microsoft Excel may have reformatted your end date when you entered it in your inventory file template. To prevent Microsoft Excel from reformatting your date:

  • Select the column you want to reformat.
  • Click the Format menu.
  • Choose Cells.
  • In the Format Cells box, click the Numbers tab.
  • In the Category list, choose Text.
  • Click OK.
  • Enter your date in the appropriate cell using the format DD-MM-YYYY.

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