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Buyer-Seller Messages overview

The Buyer-Seller Messages page lets you communicate with buyers in the Amazon marketplace via email or Seller Central. The service uses encrypted email addresses for both buyers and sellers. For example, when a buyer who contacts you, Amazon assigns them an encrypted alias like Amazon then routes the emails to you via the encrypted alias.

Benefits of Buyer-Seller Messaging

Buyer-Seller Messaging keeps a record of all buyer-seller correspondence. Even when you respond using your personal or business email, the service records it using an encrypted email alias.

Benefits include:

  • Increased security of buyer-seller communication.
  • One place to view all your sent and received messages, whether from the service or from your email system (including Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail, Thunderbird, GMX, and so on).
  • Improved buyer-seller communication to help reduce disputes and claims.
  • A record of all buyer-seller correspondence, resulting in faster dispute resolution by Amazon.

For more information, see Buyer-Seller Messaging frequently asked questions.

Enable product questions for FBA orders

If you fulfill your own orders, Buyer-Seller Messages are enabled by default. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) sellers can turn on Buyer-Seller Messages to respond to specific product questions and help improve the FBA buyer’s experience. Your specialized product knowledge can help reduce product return rates and encourage repeat purchases.

Note: FBA Buyer-Seller Messages are for product inquiries only. You can only respond to messages, not initiate contact, about returns containing an FBA product designated as a gift. Customer service-related inquiries on Amazon-fulfilled orders, such as how or where to return a purchased item, should be redirected to Amazon Customer Service.

To enable Buyer-Seller Messages for buyers to send you messages about your products:

  1. On the Settings menu, select Fulfillment by Amazon.
  2. Under Product Support, click Edit.
  3. Select Enable, and then click Update.

Contact Response Time Metrics

Responses to Buyer-Seller Messages are evaluated using Contact Response Time Metrics. Contact Response Time measures the percentage of customer-initiated messages that you respond to within 24 hours.

Setting your listing status to inactive (for vacations and other absences) does not deactivate Buyer-Seller Messages. Contact Response Time is measured even while your listings are inactive.

To flag a message as not requiring a response (when a conversation has ended or for "out of office" messages from buyers), select Mark as no response needed in the Reply area of the communication thread. This excludes the message from calculations.

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