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Amazon’s policies require that e-mobility products sold through Amazon must meet specified certification standards. In order to sell these products on Amazon, you must apply by submitting the following to

  1. Company name
  2. Market Place where product is intended for sale
  3. Seller/Vendor ID
  4. Email address
  5. Phone number
  6. A list of ASINs you are applying to sell
  7. For each ASIN you wish to list, please provide product images showing:
    1. Model number and Brand name
    2. CE or ESMA marking
    3. Image of AC plug, it must be UK ( Type G )
    4. Name and address of manufacturer or UAE based importer in case the manufacturer is based outside UAE
  8. Declaration of conformity (DoC) from the manufacturer
  9. ECAS certification from Emirates standardization & Metrology Authority displaying the following standards:
    1. UAE.S IEC 60335-1
    2. UAE.S IEC 62133
    3. UAE.S IEC 61558-2-7
    4. UAE.S IEC 61558-1
  10. UL 2272 certificate
Product Certification Requirement

Declaration of conformity


ECAS certification based on:

  • UAE.S IEC 60335-1
  • UAE.S IEC 62133
  • UAE.S IEC 61558-2-7
  • UAE.S IEC 61558-1


UL 2272 certificate - Note: Despite the fact that this certificate is not legally required by EU legislation, it is required by Amazon policy for selling Hoverboards

Hoverboards/Electric Scooters

A hoverboard or an electric scooter is a self-propelled two-wheel electric device powered by an onboard battery pack with two wheels and a board between the wheels for the rider to stand and balance on. The user shifts his/her weight to move the device in the desired direction. There are no handlebars on self-propelled two-wheeled devices.

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