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Amazon-fulfilled inventory

The Amazon-fulfilled inventory page provides a view of FBA inventory exclusively. You can view the same information by adjusting your filters and preferences on the Manage Inventory page.

In addition to the SKU, product name, condition, and price, you can view the following information for all of your FBA inventory on the Amazon-fulfilled inventory page:

  • Inbound displays the quantity of that product in assigned to shipping plans, in transit to fulfillment centers, or being processed at the fulfillment center.
  • Fulfillable displays the quantity of that product available to ship to customers.
  • Unfulfillable displays the quantity of that product that is currently in fulfillment centers, but not in a condition that can be sold.
  • Reserved displays that quantity of that product that is:
    • Being processed at the fulfillment center
    • Is associated with a pending customer order
    • Is being shipped to another fulfillment center
  • Fee Preview displays the estimated fees for the product once it is sold.
  • Unit Volume displays the volume of the product as it relates to FBA storage fees.

How to archive FBA inventory

When a product is no longer in stock, and has no inbound, fulfillable, unfulfillable, or reserved units in inventory, you can archive the listing. Archiving a listing is similar to the closing a listing feature, which is available on the Manage Inventory page. For more information, see Manage Inventory.

  1. Select the products that you want to archive.
  2. Select Archive Items from the Apply to Selected menu.

To relist the item:

  1. Select the products that you want to relist.
  2. Select Unarchive Item or Send/Replenish Inventory from the Apply to Selected menu.
    • Unarchive Item will restore the listing.
    • Send/replenish inventory will relist the product and begin the steps to create a new shipping plan.
    Note: If a customer returns a product after you have archived it, it will unarchive automatically.

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