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Your Business Information

Before you can offer services and get paid, you need to provide some essential information about your business.

You can find where to add and edit this information on the Settings menu, under Service Provider:

  • Background Checks
  • Service Locations
  • Staff Management
  • Licenses
  • Insurance Information

Background Checks & Resource Management

To maintain a high standard for customers, we require all service providers and in-home technicians to successfully pass background checks before offering and fulfilling services on

For service providers, we conduct a business background check.

For in-home services, only technicians who have passed our background check may fulfill in-home service orders.If you send a non-approved technician to fulfill an in-home service order, your selling privileges may be removed.

A third-party performs the background checks, and we do not receive the confidential details regardless of the outcome.

Use the Staff Management feature to add, edit, or remove the names of technicians who work on your in-home and in-store Amazon orders.When you add a technician's name and email address, our background check vendor will contact them to initiate the review process.

Service Locations

Provide information about where you perform your services. This may be the coverage area for your in-home services or the locations of your stores.

Licenses & Insurance Information

We require all businesses to hold the appropriate jurisdictional and trade licenses, registrations, and certifications for performing the services being offered on

. For insurance, we require general liability insurance, with limits of up to AED1 million. You also should offer Workers' Compensation, and automotive insurance if you use a vehicle for your services (for example, transportation for in-home services). It is a requirement to have your insurance information up to date and documented in your Seller Central Account. For more information about insurance requirements, see Selling Services Terms.

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