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Managing Custom Package Types

This page tells you how to create, modify, or delete custom package types and dimensions.

You can create custom package types that will populate in the menu when you schedule the pickup of your packages that are shipped with Amazon Easy Ship service.

Just select Enter new package dimensions under Package Details on the Schedule Pickup page, and enter the dimensions. Then, select Save package dimensions and provide a name for the configuration. The same package type will be there whenever you need it in the future.

Note: In the Package Details section you can type in different values for any of the three package dimensions for a pickup. The one-time dimensions will not be saved for future use unless you choose Save package dimensions.
To create, modify, or delete custom package types when you are not scheduling a pickup, follow these instructions:
  1. Click on the Settings tab in the top right of your Seller Central account. Click on the Easy Ship Settings link.
  2. Click the Package Dimensions Preferences tab. Perform one or more of these actions.
    1. Add a new package type: Click the Add a new package link and fill in the columns, then press the Save button on the right side of the row.
    2. Delete an existing package type: Select any of the outside areas of a row, not the text or dimensions. Click the Delete button on the right side of the row.
    3. Modify an existing package type: Type the new information over the existing information in the columns, and press the Save button on the right side of the row.
    Note: The package type at the top will also be at the top of the drop-down menu on the Package Details page.
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