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This page provides an overview of the information you will see on the Manage Orders tab in your seller account, especially as it relates to your individual orders being shipped as part of the Amazon Easy Ship program

You can schedule pickups and print shipping labels from here; see the information about the Actionsection towards the bottom of this page.

Manage Orders displays a list of unshipped orders by default. Click the Pending, Cancelled, and Sent links to see separate sections with those relevant orders. The layout of the page in each of those sections will be very similar to what is described below for Unshipped.

  • Orders that have been scheduled and are awaiting pickup will show under the Sent section at the top of the page near the 'Manage Orders' heading, not under Unshipped
  • You can filter the sent Amazon Easy Ship orders on Manage Orders page using the Shipment Status filters to view: Damaged in Transit, Delivered to Buyer, Label Cancelled, Lost in Transit, Out for Delivery, Waiting for Pickup, Picked Up, Rejected by Buyer, Undeliverable, Returned to Seller.

This list of orders is updated with every order created through Amazon. You can view specific orders by creating a custom time range or using one of the options already created for you under Advanced Search or Quick Filters.

Field Description
Order Date The date and time when the order was submitted
Order Details

First Line: Order identifier – links to order details

Second line: The name of the buyer with a link to Contact Customer form which enables you to communicate with the customer. You can use this form to contact customers who purchase your products on Amazon.

Third line: Fulfillment method, consisting of either ‘Seller’ (you, the seller, are packaging this order) or ‘Amazon’ (you are using FBA and Amazon is fulfilling the order).

Fourth line:Amazon, and you may see a badge or flag if the order is a ‘Cash on Delivery’ (COD) order. They will pay the courier upon receipt of the item.

Product Details

First line: Item name – links to product detail page on Amazon.

Second line: Consists of several elements, including:

  • Quantity: The number of items ordered
  • ASIN: Amazon identifier
  • SKU: Seller identifier
  • Item subtotal: Subtotal price


Amazon Easy Ship – Standard delivery speed

Ship by date – the last date the order needs to be picked up to meet the customer delivery promise

Deliver by date – the date range promised to the customer for the delivery when they purchased the item, based on your handling time and the transit time from your location to the customer address

Order Status

Unshipped - Order is not yet shipped

Waiting for Pickup - Required information in the shipping workflow has been provided and the pickup is scheduled.

Shipped - The order has been shipped

Cancelled - The order has been cancelled

Label Cancelled – The pickup of the order has been cancelled.You can reschedule the pickup from the Manage Orders page.

Picked Up – The package has been picked up from your location.

Out for Delivery – The package is out for delivery to the destination location.

Delivered – The package has been delivered to the buyer.

Rejected – The package has been rejected by the buyer and will be returned to you.

Undeliverable – The package could not be delivered to the buyer and will be returned to you.

Returned to seller – The package has been returned to you.

Damaged in Transit/Lost in Transit – The package has been damaged or lost during transition.


For Amazon Easy Ship orders, this column displays actions you can take on your orders.

  • Schedule pickup
  • Print packing slip
  • Cancel order
  • Refund order (after pickup is scheduled - in Sent section of Manage Orders
  • Search relevant help pages for more information on each of these actions.
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