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Product Detail Page Rules

Add a Product lets you create product detail pages for products that aren’t currently available in the Amazon catalog. Sellers with a Professional selling plan may also create product detail pages by uploading inventory files or sending XML file feeds.

When you create product detail pages on Amazon, you agree to the following rules and restrictions:

  • Detail pages may not feature or contain Prohibited Content or Restricted Products.
  • The inclusion of any of the following information in detail page titles, descriptions, bullet points, or images is prohibited:
    • Pornographic, obscene or offensive content.
    • Phone numbers, physical mail addresses, e-mail addresses, or website URLs.
    • Availability, price, condition, alternative ordering information (such as links to other websites for placing orders), or alternative shipping offers (such as free shipping).
    • Spoilers regarding Books, Music, and Video or DVD (BMVD) listings (information that reveals plot elements crucial to the suspense, mystery or surprise ending of a story).
    • Reviews, quotes or testimonials.
    • Solicitations for positive customer reviews.
    • Advertisements, promotional material, or watermarks on images, photos or videos.
    • Time-sensitive information (i.e., dates of promotional tours, seminars, lectures, etc.).
  • When creating a listing or when matching a listing to an existing listing, sellers must follow Amazon listing standards for any product sold on Amazon. Failure to do so creates a negative customer experience and may result in your selling privileges being temporarily or permanently removed. This includes but is not limited to the following:
    • All products must be appropriately and accurately classified to the most specific locations available. Incorrectly classifying products is prohibited.
    • Product titles, product descriptions, and bullet points must be clearly written and should assist the customer in understanding the product. These attributes should comply with the product style guide recommendations.
    • All product images must meet Amazon general image standards as well as any applicable category-specific image guidelines.
  • Using page-creation tools for any purpose other than creating product details pages is prohibited.
  • The use of false product identification information—including UPC codes or publication dates—in product detail pages is prohibited.
  • The Add a Product tool is to be used only to create pages for products that do not already exist within Amazon's catalogs, including other Amazon websites (,,,,,,,,, and a product detail page for a product already in the Amazon catalogue is prohibited.
  • Using product detail pages to cross-merchandise or cross-promote a product is prohibited.
  • For Books, Music, Videos, and DVDs (BMVD) a single detail page may not be used to advertise more than one product. BMVD-only product bundles must be defined by the publisher or manufacturer and have a single ISBN, UPC, or EAN that is different from the product identifier for any unique item in the bundle.
  • Display of trademarks on generic products: A product is considered generic if, according to the product pictures, a trademark is not permanently affixed to the product or to its packaging. In general, stickers may not be used as a permanent way of affixing a trademark. Amazon reserves the right to (1) remove or edit product pictures showing only a temporarily affixed trademark, or (2) to ask you to upload pictures of your product or packaging with a permanently affixed trademark. Generic products may not be listed under ASINs of permanently trademarked products, even if the products are similar or identical.
  • Unless you are the creator of an ASIN, you may not:
    • change its brand or manufacturer name; or
    • add a brand or manufacturer name (i.e., where the ASIN was created without a brand or manufacturer as a ‘no-name’ or generic product), either in the respective data fields, the ASIN title, the product description, or any product pictures.
  • If you wish to sell a product under a different trademark (i.e., brand or manufacturer name) to that of an existing ASIN (or where an existing ASIN has been created without a brand or manufacturer), do not change the existing ASIN. Instead, create a new ASIN for that trademarked product.
  • If you believe that the brand or manufacturer name on an existing ASIN is incorrect, please contact Seller Support and provide all available evidence to support your position.
  • When creating a product detail page, provide only information that pertains to the features of the product in general, not the condition of your particular item. Product detail pages may be used by any other seller to list the same product. When listing an item for sale, sellers must follow the Amazon offer listing process. Within the offer listing process, sellers are given an opportunity to note their item's condition, quantity, price, and other details that are relevant to a specific listing.
  • For automobile parts, do not include vehicle information in the titles. It may be confusing if buyers are shown a product, with vehicle information in the title, that does not match the make and model that they have selected.
  • Detail page information must be added in the local language of the marketplace concerned.
  • Using bad data (HTML, special characters */? etc.) in titles, descriptions, bullet points and for any other attribute is prohibited.
  • Do not include HTML, DHTML, Java, scripts or other types of executables in your detail pages.
  • If the category that you are listing in gives you the option of supplying a List Price or Recommended Retail Price ("RRP"), you must represent the price at which the product is generally sold in the UAE marketplace. You are also responsible for ensuring that the List Prices/RRPs that you provide to us remain current. If you do not have a List Price/RRP that meets these criteria, leave the field blank.
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