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Inventory adjustments

The Inventory Adjustments report shows the history of adjustments to your inventory in response to issues such as damage, loss, receiving discrepancies, and inventory transfers.

Field definitions

Online header Download header Description
Date adjustment-date DD-MM-YYYY
Transaction Item ID transaction-item-id Unique ID for this item adjustment
FNSKU fnsku Unique item ID assigned by Amazon, used by the fulfillment center
Merchant SKU sku Unique item ID assigned by the seller
Title product-name Name of the product as listed on Amazon
Fulfillment Center ID fulfillment-center-id Fulfillment center where the adjustment is being made
Quantity quantity Amount of units adjusted
Reason reason The download file displays codes while the online view shows descriptions. See Adjustment reason codes for full codes and descriptions.
Disposition disposition Whether the item is in sellable or unsellable/unfulfillable condition

Adjustment reason codes

The description and code are used in the online and downloadable versions of the report, respectively.

Code Type Description Code group
1 + Software correction of inventory discrepancies Software corrections
2 - Software correction of inventory discrepancies Software corrections
3 + Product redefinition and transfer in from original inventory item Catalog management
4 - Product redefinition and transfer out to new inventory item Catalog management
5 - Unrecoverable inventory Unrecoverable inventory
6 - Damaged by inbound carrier Damaged inventory
7 - Damage to expired unit Damaged inventory
D - Destroyed Unrecoverable inventory
E - Damaged at Amazon fulfillment center Damaged inventory
F + Inventory found Misplaced and found
H - Damaged – customer return Damaged inventory
J + Software correction of inventory discrepancies Software corrections
K - Damaged as result of item defect Damaged inventory
M - Inventory misplaced Misplaced and found
N + Transfer from holding account Transferring ownership
O - Transfer to holding account Transferring ownership
P + Unsellable/unfulfillable inventory Damaged inventory
Q - Other disposition change Other
U - Damaged by merchant Damaged inventory

Misplaced and found inventory

If you have large volumes of inventory, we recommend downloading the report so you can sort and filter the adjustments to match misplaced inventory with found inventory.

Code Description
F The item was found in a bin location in the fulfillment center. Amazon’s inventory management software has no record that the item was placed in the location where it was found.
M The inventory is missing from the bin location in the fulfillment center. Amazon’s inventory management software has a record of this item assigned to this location but the location is empty.

Damaged inventory

When inventory is found damaged, an adjustment is made from (-) your sellable inventory (using code 6, 7, E, H, K, or U) to (+) your unsellable/unfulfillable inventory (code P).

Code Description
P An increase of your unsellable/unfulfillable inventory
6 A decrease of your sellable inventory due to damage for which the inbound carrier is responsible
7 A decrease of your unsellable inventory when an expired item is damaged
E A decrease of your sellable inventory due to damage that occurs in an Amazon fulfillment center
H A decrease of your sellable inventory due to damage discovered upon return from a buyer
K A decrease of your sellable inventory when the item was found to be defective
U A decrease of your sellable inventory due to damage for which you are responsible

You will see two line entries per inventory item when changing from one condition to another

Date Transaction_ Item_ID Fulfillment Network SKU Merchant SKU Title Fulfillment Center Quantity Reason Disposition
March 24, 2009 13895071006 X0000COYXD 2Y-IQFY-RUQV How Deep Lies the Shadow LEJ1 -1 E - Damaged at Amazon fulfillment center SELLABLE
March 24, 2009 13895071060 X0000COYXD 2Y-IQFY-RUQV How Deep Lies the Shadow LEJ1 1 P - Unsellable/unfulfillable inventory UNSELLABLE
Note: The original condition (SELLABLE) of the item is listed on the line with reason code E. Code P shows the new condition (UNSELLABLE).

Unrecoverable inventory

Code Description
5, D Inventory is lost or so badly damaged it cannot be processed for vendor return or liquidation.

Software corrections

Code Description
1, 2, J A software correction of inventory tracking discrepancies

Transfers to and from holding account

These codes are most often used when we move your units into or out of a holding account. When you are reimbursed for a lost unit, if that unit is found, Amazon places it in a holding account instead of reversing the reimbursement. When you have another misreceived or lost unit, Amazon will then take the unit from the holding account and add it to your inventory. The holding account contains only units with the same FNSKU.

Code Description
N Units are transferred to your inventory from a holding account that contains your previously lost inventory for which you have already been reimbursed.
O Units are transferred from your inventory to a holding account. If you are reimbursed for a unit lost in the fulfillment center, when the unit is found, it must first be received into your inventory before it can be transferred into the holding account.
Note: If you are reimbursed for inventory damaged in the fulfillment center, the damaged inventory will be transferred to Amazon using this reason code.

Catalog management

These codes generally occur when two products with separate identifiers are determined to be the same. One product will be removed from inventory and added as another product.

Code Description
3 Units were added to your inventory following the removal from another product listing. Occurs after a code 4 adjustment.
4 Units were removed from your inventory and will be added back to your inventory as another product listing. Occurs prior to a code 3 adjustment.


This code is used to make miscellaneous adjustments to a unit’s disposition, such as when an unsellable unit is reclassified as sellable or a unit is found to be expired. This code is not used to move a unit to warehouse damaged status. For more information on the unit’s disposition following an adjustment, see the Daily Inventory History report.

Code Description
Q Other changes in sellable/unsellable unit quantity, excluding increases in warehouse damaged
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