This article applies to selling in: United Arab Emirates

Requirements and Restrictions

Currently, the Add a Product tool is available in the following categories:

  • Amazon Device Accessories
  • Baby
  • Business, Industry & Science
  • Business, Industrial & Scientific Supplies
  • Electronics & Photo
  • Home & Garden
  • PC & Video Games
  • Software
  • Sports & Leisure
  • Toys & Games

Products in our other stores are restricted, and pages cannot be created for them at this time. We do have plans to extend this service to other stores, and we ask merchants not to list restricted products until the appropriate store is available. Listing restricted products is prohibited, and we will remove product pages found to be in violation; we may also take steps to close a seller's account.

Note: If you are a newly registered seller, it might take 90 minutes or more after registering before you are able to list products for sale on Amazon.

Product restrictions

The following product lines and stores are restricted to pre-approved sellers only at this time: Grocery/Food, Pet Food, Baby Food, and Dietary Supplements & Nutrition. Some products like Medical Supplies may only be allowed from sellers within the UAE. Certain other product types may require sellers to provide certain documentation to be approved to sell.

Some media products sold on our international sites are ineligible for selling on the Amazon site, or can only be sold in a particular condition. This restriction includes Music, DVD, Video, Software and Video Games products.

In addition, merchants must adhere to Amazon rules for the creation of new product detail pages. You can review our page creation rules in our Policies section.

Duplicate product pages are not allowed. This includes products listed on our other Amazon web sites. When you submit product details, Amazon will check to see if a matching page already exists in our catalog. If it does, that product will not be eligible for new page creation. Sellers should determine whether we already offer a product before attempting to create a new page.

Product identifiers

We require standard product identifiers for most stores. For Baby Products, Camera & Photo, Computer & Video Games, Electronics, Home, Kitchen & Garden, Music, Software, Tools & Hardware, Toys & Games, and Video & DVD, your product must have a UPC or EAN. You are not required to provide an ISBN when creating a page in our Books store, but if an ISBN is available for the title, the ISBN should be used when creating the page. You can read more about ISBNs, UPCs and EANs here.

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