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Surveillance Equipment

Important: : If you supply products for sale on Amazon, you must comply with all federal, Emirate, and local laws and Amazon policies applicable to those products and product listings.

Examples of Permitted Listings

  • Answering machines
  • Video cameras
  • Baby monitors
  • Industry standard anti-virus/anti-spy software
  • Security cameras
  • Navigation Systems

Examples of Prohibited Listings

  • Video-only surveillance equipment (including micro-cameras) that does not record sound, such as hidden video cameras
  • Devices that are primarily useful for the purpose of the surreptitious interception of wire, oral, or electronic communications (i.e., eavesdropping or wiretapping), such as:
    • Bugging devices
    • Wiretapping devices
    • Audio-only or audio/video devices that are disguised to look like something that is not designed to record sound
    • Phone Bugs or SIM Card Bugs
  • Devices used for hacking, descrambling, or otherwise obtaining unauthorized access to wire, electronic, or other types of communication
  • Devices designed to facilitate the surreptitious viewing or recording of individuals
  • Night vision goggles
  • GPS Trackers (but products that contain a GPS tracking capability such as a smart phone, smart watch or navigation system is a Permitted Listing)
  • Radar jammers and detectors
  • Key loggers
  • GSM listening devices or GSM boosters

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