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Hazardous and Dangerous Items

Remember: All listings and products must comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

If you supply products for sale on Amazon, you must comply with all federal, Emirate, and local laws and Amazon policies applicable to those products and product listings. ‘At Amazon, we only ship hazmat in small quantities regulated under ‘Special Provisions’ (ADR 2017 Chapter 3.3) or in ‘Limited Quantities’ (ADR 2017 Chapter 3.4). We do not ship fully regulated items.

An example of hazmat regulated under Special Provisions is small lithium batteries. Exceptions for lithium batteries allow this type of hazmat to be shipped freely by ground, air, and sea, provided certain provisions of the exception are met.

An example of hazmat regulated under Limited Quantities would be aerosol cans under 1 L. Hazmat taking the Limited Quantity exception is restricted to shipment by ground (road). Shipment by air and sea are not permitted, which also excludes shipments to islands.’

Examples of permitted listings

If listing a permitted but hazardous item, sellers must ensure they are shipping the item in compliance with the Road and Transport Authority and Dubai Municipality requirements and applicable laws.

Amazon Approved Hazmat Items

Amazon ships items in the following classes only in Limited Quantities (EU) domestically on the mainland, by ground:

  • Class 2.1 - Flammable Gases: Hairspray aerosols, air freshener aerosols, flea spray aerosols, butane gas cartridge, cigarette lighters
  • Class 2.2 - Non-flammable Gases:Wine preservation spray (aerosol), CO2 Fire Extinguisher, helium gas cylinder
  • Class 3 -Flammable Liquids:perfume, paint, scented lotions, body oils, nail polish
    • Flammable liquids have a flash point greater than or equal to 60.5°C. Combustible liquids are a subcategory of flammable liquids defined as liquids having a flash point between 60.5°C and 93.3°C.
    • A liquid with a flashpoint above 93.3°C is not regulated as a hazardous material provided it possesses no characteristics of another hazard class.
  • Class 4.1 - Flammable Solids: Certain metallic hydrides, metallic sodium and potassium, oily fabrics, processed metals, alcohol prep pads, and certain pre-moistened cloths
  • Class 5.1 Oxidizers: teeth whiteners, hair bleach, chlorine tablets, hydrogen peroxides, bromine, chlorates, nitrates
  • Class 5.2 - Organic Peroxides: Acne treatments, various skin care products
  • Class 8- Corrosives: Non-spillable lead acid batteries, rust remover containing phosphoric acid, toilet bowl cleaner
  • Class 9 - Miscellaneous: lithium batteries, aquatic pollutants, lifesaving appliances

HTRC 9 is a miscellaneous category under which many items that don't fall into categories 1-8 are classed. The products Amazon sources can be broken into the following categories:

  • Small Lithium Batteries: Lithium ion batteries ≤100 watt-hours, Lithium metal batteries ≤2 grams of lithium. Most consumer electronics fall under these sizes.
  • Medium Lithium Batteries: Lithium ion batteries between 100 and 300 watt-hours, Lithium metal batteries between 2 and 25 grams of lithium. These batteries commonly power lawn and garden equipment.
  • Magnetized Material: Large magnets/items containing sizable magnets fall into this category. A common example are large speakers. Amazon can only ship HTRC 9 products that are magnetized material domestically, by ground.
  • Others: collection of other miscellaneous items. Some common examples are first aid kits, inflating rafts, and asbestos. Amazon can only source HTRC 9 ASINs that are not magnetized material or lithium batteries when they can be shipped in Limited Quantities (EU).
  • HTRC 9 lithium batteries and magnetized materials can ship to any FC, hazmat or not
  • Batteries that do not contain mercury
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Portable fuel containers

Examples of prohibited listings

  • Products containing Bisphenol A (BPA)
  • Items containing Carbon Tetrachloride, such as:
    • Fire extinguishers
    • Refrigerants
    • Cleaning agents
  • Any chemical substance or compound that is intended for commercial, industrial, or professional use only and is not available for general consumer purchase
  • Explosives, such as:
    • Black powder
    • Caps for toy guns
    • Explosive fuses
    • Exploding rifle targets
    • Fireworks, such as:
      • Firecrackers
      • Firework kits
      • Aerial bombs
      • Bottle rockets
      • Party poppers
      • Roman candles
      • Smoke bombs
      • Snap caps
      • Sparklers
    • Flares, such as projectile and road flares
    • Flash paper
    • Gasoline
  • Bacteria cultures or other products containing E coli or Escherichia coli
  • Batteries containing mercury
  • Hydrofluoric acid
  • Inflatable Neck Floats for children
  • Information on how to make explosive devices, such as bombs
  • Kite strings that are intended for kite fighting
  • Military-style gas masks and their filters
  • Nitric acid
  • Products containing red phosphorous
  • Products containing thermite
  • Products containing tritium that do not comply with the regulations of the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission
  • Used oil, such as cooking oil or motor oil
  • Water walking balls
  • Products contaminated by radiation
  • Products containing mercury, such as:
    • Light bulbs
    • Thermometers
  • Products containing cyanide
  • Products that include large quantities of magnetic balls or cubes, such as:
    • Buckyballs
    • Buckycubes
    • Dynocube
    • Magnet Balls
    • Magnicube
    • Neocubes
    • Neocubix
    • Nanodots
  • Refrigerants in household appliances, such as Freon
  • Vehicle airbags and airbag covers
  • Toy crossbows that have the capability of shooting small, sharp projectiles (e.g., toothpicks, pins)

See also ( which provides links and information on transportation requirements and disposal of some hazardous substances

Note: Last updated 05/09/2018

Amazon Prohibited Hazmat Items

There are many items in this category as there are many rules defining what can and cannot be shipped (by ground, by air, and internationally), but here is a quick list of common hazmat items that Amazon currently does not ship or sell:

  • Class 1 – Explosives: Ammunition, gun powder, liquid propellant, primers, emergency flares, life rafts, certain life vests, and fireworks
  • Class 2.3- Toxic Gases: Certain compressed gases, gas samples, germane, insecticide gases, etc.
  • Class 4.1 - Some Flammable Solids
  • Class 4.2 - Most spontaneously combustible materials: wet cotton, oily cotton waste, carbon, charcoal, unstabilized fish meal, etc.
  • Class 4.3- Dangerous when wet materials: certain fuel cell cartridges (containing water reactive substances), various chemical elements (magnesium, sodium, potassium and lithium), sodium containing cells, etc.
  • Class 6.2- Infectious substances: infectious substances, biological products, regulated medical waste, sharps medical waste, used health care products, forensic materials
  • Class 7- Radioactive material: nuclear wastes (by products of power generation, nuclear fission, and other technology), Smoke Alarms
  • Compressed gas greater than 1 liter
  • Self-inflating lifesaving appliances
  • Fully regulated lithium batteries which exceed the 300Wh threshold

EU: Any hazmat products that are regulated for transportation and exceed the 30kgs (66lbs) threshold.

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