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The first thing you need to do after registering your seller account is set up your account information, including your seller profile, payment and business information, selling plan, shipping and returns information, and your vacation status.

You should also update your Information & Policies section with information about your store, privacy policy, shipping rates and restrictions, and any custom Help pages, such as sizing charts or other product/category-specific details.

For full details, see Update your account information.

How do I set shipping rates for my products?

Your account is configured for default shipping rates depending on your method of fulfillment. You can set your shipping rates for items that are self-fulfilled by choosing an item/weight-based model or a price-banded model. For more information, see Set Shipping Rates Shipping Settings Overview.

How do I permanently close my account?

If you choose to close your account, Amazon can't reactivate or reinstate it. For full details on ending your relationship with Amazon as a seller, see Close your seller account.

You can always choose to temporarily suspend your listings instead of permanently closing your seller account. For more info, see Listings status for vacations, holidays, and other absences.

How do I contact Seller Support?

When you have a question or a technical issue, we encourage you to use our online Help topics and tools to find your answers. You cannot call Seller Support directly, but using Contact us you can request an email or phone response.

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