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Amazon Partnered Carrier Program Terms

We may, at our option, allow you to ship units at your expense to our designated fulfillment center using discounted shipping rates that we may make available to you for certain carriers. These carriers will provide shipping services directly to you and Amazon will only act as a facilitator for the contract between you and the carrier. Without limitation, Sections F-3.3 and F-9.2 of the Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement contain further details of your rights and obligations in relation to such shipments.

  1. You agree that you will use the processes and provide the required information to receive the discounted rates. In addition, you must comply with standard operating procedures, weight and size restrictions, and other shipping requirements of the applicable carriers.
  2. If we provide you with the estimated shipping costs prior to shipment, you acknowledge and agree that actual shipping costs may vary from such estimates. We estimate shipping cost based on the shipment packing information you provide (box weights and dimensions), product category and the billable weight. You are responsible for providing accurate shipment information for the actual cost of the shipment. Providing inaccurate information may result in the blocking of future shipments to the fulfillment center, or additional charges.
  3. As between you, us and the carrier, you will be the shipper of record, and we will be the payer of record with respect to all units shipped to us using the discounted rates. Title and risk of loss for any unit shipped using discounted rates provided by us will remain with you. Our provision of the discounted shipping rates will not create any liability or responsibility for us with respect to any delay, damage or loss incurred during shipment.
  4. You hereby authorize the applicable carrier to provide us with all shipment tracking information.

For more information about shipping to our fulfillment centers, see Shipping and routing requirements.

For more information regarding how Amazon manages lost and damaged inventory through the fulfillment centers, see FBA lost and damaged inventory reimbursement policy.

In the event a customer returns your product that was processed using FBA, Amazon may provide support for processing the return. For more information, see FBA customer returns policy.

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