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Add one product at a time

You can list products for sale from the Add a Product tool (available from the Inventory menu of your seller account).

Add a Product is the best method for listing inventory when you want to use a web-based interface rather than entering data into a spreadsheet and then uploading it to Seller Central.

  • Listing a product: If you have a product you want to sell and someone already sells it on Amazon, you must create an offer using the existing product detail page.
  • Adding a product: If the product does not exist on Amazon, you can list a new product and Amazon will create a new product detail page.
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List a product

Follow these steps to list a product:

Listing in multiple stores

Whether you are matching to an existing product listing or creating a new one, you have the option to reach more Customers by making your listing available across multiple Amazon stores during the listing process. Provide additional attributes such as price for each additional store in the offer tab to create listings in those stores in addition to the store you have selected in the Seller Central header. Prices should be provided in the local store currency, which is denoted in the price field. If a detail page doesn’t yet exist in those stores, Amazon will attempt to automatically translate and create a page on your behalf. This process can take up to 48 hours to complete, and you will be able to suggest content changes in local language after completion.

Available stores are determined by where you are registered, and for stores outside of regions like Europe or North America, by your linked accounts. To find out more about listing policies for each store, go to Amazon’s Category, Product and Content Restrictions.

Note: If you have a Professional selling plan and prefer to work with your product listings offline, we recommend using an inventory template.
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