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Confirm multiple shipments with feeds

If you do not use Amazon Easy Ship (e.g., you are located outside the UAE) and use a third-party courier to ship your products to customers, after you receive an order notification and ship the order to the customer with the courier of your choice, you must confirm the shipment in Seller Central.

The Shipping Confirmation Template allows you to upload confirmation information for multiple orders in a single file.

Note: If you split an order into multiple shipments, the entire order is assigned the status Payment Complete as soon as the first shipment for the order is confirmed, even if there are more shipments yet to be made.

Follow these steps to download, edit, and upload shipping confirmations via bulk upload.

  1. Download and save a copy of the Shipping Confirmation template. Review the Instructions and Definitions tabs, especially the "Important Notes" and formatting guidelines ("Accepted Values"). See also the Shipping Confirmation Glossary below.
  2. Select the ShippingConfirmation tab, and enter your shipping information.
    • The Shipping Confirmation template contains validation macros that will help you fill out the template correctly. The macros may be turned off, but we encourage you to keep them on until you learn how to use the template.
    • Set all of the columns to Text format (including ship-date) to prevent Excel from removing any leading zeroes.
    • Enter ship-date in the following format: dd-mm-yyyy.
  3. When updating previously existing shipping information, select from the following options based on the result you want:
    • Overwrite previously existing data: New data will overwrite or replace the existing data. Example: New data in the tracking-number field will overwrite the existing data in tracking-number.
    • Do not overwrite previously existing data: An empty (blank) field will not overwrite or nullify the existing data. Example: Leave the tracking-number blank so the previously uploaded data will remain (will not be overwritten or nullified).
    • Delete previously existing data: Enter "NULL" (without the quotation marks) or leave the field empty (blank), and the data in that field will be deleted.

    Example: Type "NULL" into the tracking-field or leave it empty (blank) to delete and nullify the previously uploaded data.

    Note: If an order includes more than one product or more than one unit of a product, and you are splitting the order into more than one shipment, then you need to include the following fields for each of the shipping confirmation records:
    • order-id
    • order-item-id
    • quantity
    • ship-date
  4. When you are finished, click Save As and select Text (Tab-delimited) (*.txt) from the file type list. If you see a warning that the selected file format does not support workbooks containing multiple worksheets, click Yes.
  5. In your seller account, on the Orders tab, select Upload Order Related Files.
  6. Select Shipping Confirmation at the top of the page.
  7. Under Upload Your Shipping Confirmation File, click Browse.
  8. Browse to where you saved your file, select the file, and click Open.
  9. Click Upload Now to upload your file to Amazon.

Shipping confirmation glossary

Not all fields are required. However, it is in your best interest to provide as much information as possible.

Field Name Definition Required Accepted Values Example
order-id Unique identifying number for an order. This number is provided in your Orders report and the Manage Orders tool. Yes Alpha-numeric text 3-7-7 format 058-3563777-5518068
order-item-id Unique identifying number for an item in an order. This number is provided in your Orders Report and on the Order Details page in Manage Orders.
Note: This is not the same as the product ASIN. The order-item-id differs from order to order.
No Alpha-numeric text 14 characters 05835637773450
quantity Item quantity included in this order if more than one unit of an item was ordered.
Note: If you split an order, you must include a quantity in the shipping confirmation for each shipment, so that customers know how many items to expect in each package when it arrives.
No A positive integer 1
ship-date Date that you shipped the order. Yes Format: yyyy-mm-dd 2015-11-19
carrier-code Amazon's code for the shipping carrier that delivered the order, chosen from a drop-down menu.
Note: If you are using an unlisted carrier, select Other and then enter the carrier name in the carrier-name field.
  • UPS
  • DHL
  • FedEx
  • Other
carrier-name Shipping carrier that delivered the order. Use only if carrier-name is Other. No Alpha-numeric text 1 to 50 characters DHLUPS
tracking-number Shipping carrier's tracking ID for the order. No Alpha-numeric text 1 to 50 characters 22344455
ship-method Shipping method used to deliver the order. Best practice is to include the carrier name to ensure clarity. No Alpha-numeric text 1 to 50 characters Standard-DHLStandard—UPS

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