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Troubleshooting any errors in Schedule pickup

If you use Amazon Easy Ship, you need to schedule the pickup of each package in Seller Central. See this page on Processing Amazon Easy Ship orders.

Follow these troubleshooting steps if you are facing an error at the time of scheduling a pick up for your Amazon Easy Ship orders:

  1. During pickup scheduling, make sure that the package weight does not exceed 20 kg, with the longest side measuring no more than 120 cm, either two sides no more than 60 cm each, and the girth no more than 165000 cm (L x B x H)
  2. Re-enter the Amazon Easy Ship pickup address by clicking Easy Ship Settings link in Account Info section accessed from Settings tab.
  3. Check on the item's HAZMAT status. If the item is under review as a possible dangerous good, you won't be able to schedule your shipment. Read the Dangerous good review process and, if applicable apply for exemption through Manage dangerous goods classification.

If you are still facing an error, contact Selling Partner Support.

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