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Required removals

We require that you remove unsuitable, unsellable, or stranded inventory from Amazon fulfillment centers. We will notify you if you have any inventory that requires removal.

If you do not create a removal order within 30 days of receiving a required removal notice, Amazon may dispose of the inventory listed in the required removal notice. For stranded inventory, if you create active offers for this inventory within 30 days of receiving the notice, then you do not need to remove them. You cannot cancel a required removal order once Amazon has created it.

Unsuitable, unsellable and stranded inventory

For more information about unsuitable inventory (Unsuitable Units) , see FBA Definitions in the Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement (sign-in required).

Unsellable inventory is not in sellable condition. Use the recommended removal report to identify inventory that we recommend you remove. You can also set up automatic removals for unsellable inventory. For more information, see Remove inventory automatically.

Stranded inventory does not have an active offer on Amazon. Fix stranded inventory issues by using the Fix Stranded Inventory tool. For more information, see Fix stranded inventory.

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