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The content below is for guidance only. Amazon reserves the right to remove any listing it considers to be inappropriate for sale for any reason.

Other Examples of Prohibited Listings

  • Products that contain images of nudity, drugs or drug usage, or that contain or show other offensive language or images
  • Products produced as free samples or testers unless you have been specifically authorised to do so by Amazon
  • Listings acting wholly or mainly as advertisements, including links to third party websites and promotional messages
  • Personal data including mailing lists
  • Internet domain names
  • Online accounts such as Steam or X-Box gaming accounts
  • Real estate property
  • EAN codes
  • Grab bags
  • Offers for sale of services
  • Service contracts or warranties unless you have been specifically authorised to do so by Amazon
  • Fraudulent or photocopied coupons, coupons priced at higher than their value and coupons that forbid transfer
  • Unlicensed pesticides, including weed, mould and fungi killers, slug pellets and insect killers, bird and animal repellents and killers, and any other pesticides designated as persistent organic pollutants (“POPs”)
  • Pesticides appropriate for “Professional-use” only
  • These neonicotinoid pesticides: Imidacloprid, Thiamethoxam and Clothianidin
  • Plants or seeds
  • Regulated chemicals or professional use only chemicals
  • Poisons
  • Some software products including:
    • Copied, duplicated or “softlifted” software
    • Academic or educational versions of software
    • Back-up software
    • Beta, pre-release software
    • Fulfilment software
    • Military software
    • Promotional software
    • Shared software licenses, where all of the licenses are unused
    • Recovery discs
    • Unauthorised freeware and shareware
  • Products made available by digital download: Amazon prohibits the listing of products that are made available by digital download, including "codes" that can be used to access content on other websites.
  • Television subscription packages
  • Experience days
  • Artefacts and archaeological finds that are more than 300 years old
  • Lead weights for the purpose of weighting fishing lines
  • Specialist printing equipment that is intended to be used for a criminal purpose or where the seller knows that it will be used for a criminal purpose
  • Nitrous Oxide chargers, unless they are intended for food preparation only and as long as they are not sold in pack sizes of more than 10 units
  • "Washington Redskins" merchandise

Note: Sellers who list prohibited items can have their selling permissions removed, either temporarily or permanently.

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