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Amazon Partnered Carrier program

Under the Amazon Partnered Carrier program, you can send your Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) inventory from selected countries to fulfillment centers in the KSA and UAE. Once the carrier participating in this program picks up your shipment, they will handle end-to-end shipping from customs clearances to delivery to the Amazon fulfillment center. For more information, see Amazon Partnered Carrier Program Terms.

At the moment, the Amazon Partnered Carrier program for our KSA and UAE stores is available for small parcel deliveries (SPDs) from China. SPDs consist of units that are packed in boxes, with each box individually labeled for delivery. SPDs are typically smaller shipments.

If you choose the Partnered Carrier program, you will be contracting to use the services of the partnered carrier – it is the carrier and not Amazon that will provide the shipping services. You will not have to book delivery appointments – the partnered carrier will take care of appointment booking.

Below is a list of program features:

  • Integrated in Seller Central

    You can book shipments, enter customs information, and schedule pickup by the carrier, while creating your FBA shipment.

  • Commercially cleared

    While partnered carrier shipments will likely be commercially cleared, (with the carrier taking care of both origin and destinations custom clearance), Amazon cannot guarantee this.

  • Amazon negotiated rates and payments from your Amazon account balance

    You can take advantage of Amazon negotiated rates and payment is deducted from your Amazon account balance. The shipping rates are inclusive of all the taxes and custom duties.

  • Door-to-door pickup and delivery

    Once you schedule a pickup from your location, the carrier’s service will come to your door for pickup and will take your FBA shipment for delivery to a KSA and UAE fulfillment centers.

  • End-to-end tracking

    You can track the status of your FBA shipment within Seller Central.

  • Express shipping solution

    This program offers an express shipping solution. The average delivery time will be 15 to 20 calendar days for Air Express shipping mode.

Dangerous goods cannot be shipped via partnered carriers. For more information, see Dangerous goods identification guide (hazmat).

Partnered carriers offer discounted rates to Amazon sellers for shipping inventory to Amazon fulfilment centers. The cost is billed to your account as an inbound transportation charge. Amazon acts to facilitate you obtaining shipping services from the carrier but does not provide the shipping services to you. Your agreement for shipping services is with the carrier.

There is a 1kg minimum fee for partnered carrier shipments. For shipments that weigh less than 1 kg, the minimum fee applies.

How to use the Amazon Partnered Carrier program

To choose an Amazon Partnered Carrier, you should select the checkbox – “I am interested in Amazon Partnered Carrier Program” on Step 1 of shipment creation workflow.

Note: The checkbox will be selected by default. You may choose to deselect the checkbox.

Add the product category information for each SKU in Step 1. We have provided three options for product category:

  1. Electronics: refers to products with built-in batteries (required to comply with PI967 standard), such as Bluetooth headsets, mobile computers, and watches.
  2. Powder/Liquid: refers to products which are chemically unstable, such as facial masks, perfumes, lipsticks, ointments, and wax.
  3. General: refers to those goods which are not defined as electronic or powder/liquid, such as clothes, bags, shoes, stationery, home furnishings, cosmetic accessories (for example, brushes and nail clippers), children's toys, and maternal and infant products.

The carrier requires this information to facilitate customs clearance. You will not be able to proceed to Step 2 without entering the product category information.

Note: You are responsible for accurate information for SKU dimensions, weight, and product category. Inaccurate information may result in the blocking of future shipments or additional fees.

Select Amazon Partnered Carrier in Step 2. Select the Ship Date that you want the carrier to pick up the shipments. We have disabled dates on which carriers do not pickup (for example, public holidays and weekends).

You can also drop off the shipments at the carrier’s warehouse.

You will need to generate a printable shipping label from Seller Central to use with the carrier. After completing all pre-shipment requirements, give your package to the pickup driver or take the package to the carrier drop-off site. You can coordinate with the carrier for drop off by calling: +86 181-0280-6672 (toll) or +86 13662671563(toll free).

For more information, see Small parcel delivery to Amazon.

You can cancel your shipment up to 24 hours after approving the fees (provided the parcel has not been picked up or dropped off) by selecting Void shipments and charges at the bottom of the Send to Amazon workflow for your shipment creation. Voiding will cancel all shipments that you created and move them into Cancelled status in your Shipping Queue. You are not able to cancel individual shipments.

Amazon Partnered Carrier program

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