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Review a Processing Report

The processing report is a tab-delimited text file you can open and read in a program such as Microsoft Excel or Notepad. Processing reports are downloadable files that let you review the status of your inventory file uploads.

If you want to change the report's language go to Settings > Account Info > Business Information. Choose "Language for feed processing report" to switch to English or your local Marketplace's language.

To download and review a processing report, follow the below steps:

  1. Under Inventory, select Add Products via Upload.
  2. Go to the Monitor Upload Status section, then click Download your Processing Report.

    Each line in the spreadsheet containing data is referred to as a "record." At the top of the processing report, there is a summary of records (listings) with the total number of records processed and those processed successfully. The difference is the number of records processed unsuccessfully (or processed with errors).

  3. (Optional) Filter or sort the error-type column to view only error messages (and not info or warning messages)
  4. For each error, refer to the original-record-number and SKU columns to determine which record in your inventory file resulted in the error
    Note: The first two rows of your inventory file are not considered records. Therefore, an error in Record 1 in the processing report corresponds to Line 3 in your inventory file.

In the example given below, 1,045 records were processed, of which 1,030 records were processed successfully and 15 were unsuccessful because of errors:

Feed Processing Summary
Number of records processed: 1045
Number of records successful: 1030

The processing report displays errors in the following format. You can use this report to make necessary corrections in your inventory file, and then reload the file to correct your listings. For more information, see the Data Definitions tab in your inventory template file, or review our Error Code Explanations.

Element Description
original-record-number The record number in which the error occurred.

The first two rows of your inventory file template are not considered as records. Therefore, an error in Record 1 corresponds to Line 3 in your inventory file.

error-code The ID number of the error message. Look for this ID when referring to Error Code Explanations.
error-type One of the following two values:
  • Warnings: The data was successfully processed but might not appear as intended.
  • Errors: The data is inadequate or flawed in a way that prevents the record from processing successfully.
error-message A brief explanation of the error, possibly including corrective measures.
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