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Unshipped Orders Report

The Unshipped Orders Report provides a list of all orders that have not been shipped as of the moment that you request the report.

Request an Unshipped Orders Report

To request a report of unshipped orders, follow these steps:

  1. In Seller Central, click the Orders tab, and then click Order Reports.
  2. On the Order Reports page, click on Unshipped Orders.
  3. In the Request an Unshipped Order Report section, click the Request Report button.

A status box appears confirming your request and begins processing your order information to produce the report.

Your report will appear in the Check Report Status Download section of the Order Reports page. It can take up to 45 minutes to generate your report.

Note: If you manually generate an Unshipped Orders Report, the orders will still appear in the standard Orders Report.

Download an Unshipped Orders Report

After you generate a report, you can pick up the report from a list of generated reports:

  1. On the Order Reports page, click Unshipped Orders in the navigation bar.
  2. Select the past number of days for which you would like to order information.
  3. Under Download, click a report.
  4. Pick a folder location on your computer and click Save.

Reading an Unshipped Orders Report

After you download the Unshipped Orders Report, you can open it in any database or spreadsheet program, such as Microsoft Access or Microsoft Excel.

  • The Orders Report file does not include the buyer’s credit card information. It includes only the buyer name and ship-to address.
  • The ship-to address is as the buyer supplied it when they placed their order. Amazon does not perform address correction on a buyer's address.

Here is a list of the fields that appear on an Unshipped Orders Report, with definitions and examples for each. Please note, your report may display more fields or fewer fields depending on your account setup.

Field name Definition Example
Order-id Amazon's unique identifying number for an order. This important number is a reference for shipping confirmation and post-order processing. 736-1234567-1234567
order-item-id Amazon's unique identifying number for an item in an order. This important number is used as a reference for shipping confirmation and post-order processing. 0583563777345
purchase-date The date and time that the order was placed. Unless you specify a different shipping lead time, you have agreed to ship the order within two business days of this date. 2014-13-08T18:00:22+00:00
payments-date The date and time that Amazon processed the payment for the order. 2014-13-08T11:00:22-07:00
reporting-date The date and time that the order changed from pending to unshipped making it ready to be shipped. 2014-13-08T18:30:41+00:00
promise-date The date when the order was promised to be shipped to the customer. 2014-14-08
days-past-promise The current number of days past the promise date. 3
buyer-name The full name of the buyer. Ahmed Siddiqi
sku Stock-keeping unit. Your unique identifier for the product. sku123
product-name The short title for the product, displayed in bold on the product's detail page and in the title bar of the browser window. Snowboard
quantity-purchased The quantity of the item ordered. 1
currency The currency used for the transaction. AED
quantity-dispatched The quantity of the item that has already been dispatched. 1
ship-service-level The fulfilment service level that the buyer paid for when ordering the item; e.g., Standard. standard
recipient-name Name field of the "Ship to" address. Ahmed Siddiqi
ship-address-1 The first line of the "Ship to" address. Al-Emreef Street
ship-address-2 The second line of the "Ship to" address. Grosvenor House
ship-address-3 The third line of the "Ship to" address. c/o Joe's Company
ship-city The city for the "Ship to" address. Dubai
ship-area The area or district of the "Ship to" address. The value depends upon the city. Marina
ship-country The international standard two-letter country code (ISO 3166-compliant). AE
fulfilled-by Identifies Amazon Easy Ship orders from all other MFN orders. It contains the value "Easy Ship" across all the Amazon Easy Ship orders. Easy Ship

The following CustomizationInfo and CustomerOrderInfo fields may be available in the order report feeds in some rare cases.

Condition Indicates the condition of the item
ConditionType Sub-type of Condition: provides extra detail about the item's condition
SD-EndTime Provides the end of the scheduled delivery window for an order
SD-StartTime Provides the scheduled delivery window start time of an order.
SD-WindowTZ Indicates the time zone of the scheduled delivery end and start times.
ListingID An identifier created by Amazon when you create a listing; it consists of 4 digits, a capital letter and 6 more digits
DateListed Date on which the item was listed on Amazon
UPC Universal Product Code
MarketplaceID Amazon marketplace identifier
CompoundTitle The title of the ASIN, which may include extra information such as product-type
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